POST WWII - There are at least three, possibly four versions of National finger picks with the patent number 1787136, but without the U.S.A. stamped on the front. The first differs from the latter two in several ways, most noticeably by the shape of the numbers 8 and 3. Notice above how the 8 is made up of two oval shapes. Later, the 8 used circles, and the 3 became flat on the top. Upon inspection with loupe, the letters and numbers show irregularities just like on the "Pat. Pend." Nationals, likely the sign of a hand-cut die. The very earliest style of the "oval 8" pick is identical in almost every way to the pre-war "Pat Pend." Nationals, with an identical spoon-shaped blade. A later version of the "oval 8", obviously made from a different die, is comfortable to wear and the blade is usually well-shaped, although not quite as spoon-like and thick as the earlier version. These are wonderful picks, still worn by professional musicians today, and prized highly by collectors.